Fusion Network Coming To Elgin

Alpine Communications will be making a major investment in a network it calls the Fusion Network. The state-of-the-art Fusion Network will provide a fiber optic connection to all businesses and households in Elgin. All Alpine customers living within the city limits of Elgin will be ugraded to fiber optics for no additional charge, unless you choose to add new services to your account.

Besides providing great sound quality and high levels of reliability, this new fiber network will enable Alpine to provide increased Internet speeds, FusionTV, and other enhanced services.

Alpine Communications General Manager Chris Hopp stated, “You may have already noticed an increased presence of Alpine Communications vehicles and technicians in your neighborhood. Over the next month, Alpine technicians will visit all homes and businesses in Elgin to discuss the fiber project with customers. All Alpine technicians will be wearing company shirts and have company identification.”

Alpine Communications technicians are visiting homes and businesses in Elgin in order to prepare for the start of construction this summer. Alpine technicians needs to meet with you to discuss the best place to install a new Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on your home to replace the existing box. If we have not visited your home yet, please call our office at 245-4000 to schedule an appointment today.

Fusion Network Construction Timeline in Elgin
May June-July August – September October-November
Visit home and
Finish home visits Finish construction of
main line
Finish outside fiber optic
network construction
Begin fiber optic
network construction of
the main line
Continue to bury drops
to homes
Begin fiber splicing in preperation
for activation in
late 2014
Begin burying drops
to homes

Fusion Network Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Alpine Communications constructing fiber to the home?
As your local telecommunications provider, Alpine is installing the most advanced technology – fiber optics – to ensure that residents continue to receive the highest-quality service at the most affordable rates. The Fusion Network will provide great sound quality and high levels of reliability. In addition, the fiber network will provide the increased bandwidth needed to offer faster Internet speeds and whatever exciting new services the future brings. Recent surveys and focus groups have shown that customers are interested in increased Internet speeds and advanced services that the fiber network will enable us to provide.

What’s so great about fiber optics?
Business and home owners are using technologies that require more and more bandwidth. Fiber optics is the only medium that can keep up with the bandwidth demand. A single hair-thin optical fiber can carry up to 1000 times as much information as copper (traditional telephone network material) or coax (traditional cable television network material). Fiber networks are extremely reliable and can carry multiple voice, data, or video streams into the same house at the same time!

I do not live in Elgin – when can I get a fiber connection?
Alpine is able to build the fiber network in Elgin, Elkader, and Guttenberg because its residents show the greatest interest in enhanced services. Homes and businesses in rural parts of Alpine’s serving areas will continue to receive services at comparable rates, but those services will not be offered over a fiber connection due to the prohibitive cost of building a network outside the city. Other cities in Alpine’s serving area will be considered for fiber upgrades after completion of the network in Elgin.

When will my services be transferred to the Fusion Network?
Watch your mail for a letter that announces that we are ready to schedule your activation. Once you receive this letter, the sooner you call, the sooner we will be able to connect you to the Fusion Network. Customers living in Elgin can expect to receive a letter in late 2014.

I like my service the way it is now. Do I have to switch over to fiber?
Yes. Alpine is moving all of its services over to the fiber network for those customers living in Elgin. There will be no additional charge to customers who keep the same level of service that they currently subscribe to.

What will happen when Alpine arrives to activate my Fusion Network service?
After you schedule an appointment to have your fiber service activated, technicians will arrive at the appointed day and time. You need to be present during the activation as our technicians will need access inside your home or business. The technician will bring a power cord into your house through the basement to an electrical outlet. The technician will bring an Ethernet cable to where your DSL modem is currently located. (With Fusion Internet, you will no longer need a modem.)

What kind of Internet speed will I have after you upgrade my house to fiber optics?
Fiber has the capacity to deliver virtually unlimited Internet speeds. The Internet speeds that are available when the network construction is complete will be influenced by  customer demand and the competitive environment. We anticipate the Internet speeds will double for current Alpine Internet subscribers in Elgin.

Will I be charged for the Fusion Network activation?
There will be no additional charges for your upgrade to the Fusion Network unless you choose to add new services to your account.

Is Alpine Communications going to offer television service?
Alpine FusionTV is one of the many new services that a fiber optics network will enable Alpine Communications to offer customers. We are in the process of researching the possibility of offering television services.

Alpine Communications’ Fusion Network is Certified by the Fiber To The Home Council