Watch TV Everywhere

Because you’re an Alpine FusionTV customer, we’re bringing you a convenient new way to enjoy TV. On the go, on any device! Watch TV Everywhere streams some of your favorite channels and programming — including live TV and full episodes of current TV shows — to your tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. And it works from anywhere you have an Internet signal: at the office, hotel, airport or vacation home, and everywhere else!

Plus, Watch TV Everywhere is FREE! You only need a subscription to the network you want to watch. For example, you must be an H2 subscriber (Premier Package) to watch H2’s Watch TV Everywhere programs. View Flyer Here.

Register now at

Before gaining access, you must register, so have your Alpine Communications account number handy. It’s quick, easy and FREE as a FusionTV subscriber.

More Watch TV Everywhere channels are on the way! We are actively working with other providers to secure additional channels to offer you the most available entertainment options.

How To Watch Online

1. Get a Password –  You will need your Alpine Communications account number (it’s on your bill) and a valid email address to register HERE for a free WatchTVEverywhere password from Alpine. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email and you will need to click on the link in that email to complete your registration.

2.   Log in

USING A WEB BROWSER – Go to and enter your email address and password. Then click on the logo of the service you want to watch, and select programming from the on-screen menu.

USING A MOBILE DEVICE – After you log-in with your password at, click the network you want to watch. At each network’s page you’ll find links to free Android and iOS apps you can download to watch on mobile devices. The first time you use a new app on your device, you will be prompted to select Alpine Communications from a list of providers and enter your WatchTVEverywhere password.

Network Access Content via:
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps available now
  • Android apps coming soon
Adult Swim
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
  • Kindle Fire
Cartoon Network
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
  • Kindle Fire
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
  • Kindle Fire
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
Esquire Network
FOX Business
FOX News
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps available now
  • Android apps coming soon
Hallmark Channel
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps available now
  • Android apps coming soon
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
  • Kindle Fire
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps available now
  • Android apps coming soon
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps available now
  • Android apps coming soon
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps available now
  • Select Android devices
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
  • Kindle Fire
  • Online at
  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad) apps
  • Android devices
  • Kindle Fire


If you can’t be at the game in person, HD from Alpine FusionTV is the next best thing.  FusionTV gives you over 40 HD programming choices at any given time.  Experience a high resolution picture that’s so vivid and crisply detailed, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. From movies to sports, local networks to premium channels, FusionTV has you covered.

  • FusionTV offers tons of locals and sports on ABC HD, NBC HD, CBS HD, Fox HD, IPTV HD, ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, Big Ten Network HD, Versus HD, NFL Network HD and TNT HD
  • FusionTV delivers HD access to the top-requested networks like TLC HD, Food Network HD, HGTV HD, Discovery HD, Lifetime HD, RFTV HD and Outdoor HD
  • If you’re a movie buff, find your favorite movies on HBO HD, Showtime HD, Starz HD and Encore HD when you subscribe to the premium service
  • Take a peek at our full channel lineup here

Order Fusion TV Now!Get started today and save when you bundle FusionTV with home phone, Internet, and more.  Click here to start bundling.

*A monthly HDTV equipment fee may apply.

FusionTV’s Whole-Home DVR

Enjoy the freedom to record and watch programs in multiple rooms with FusionTV’s Whole-Home DVR. With DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service, it’s quick and easy to automatically record an episode or a whole season and watch it at your convenience.

You can view DVR recordings using any networked set-top box in your home, and
even finish watching a recorded program in one room that was started in another. DVR
Record till your heart’s content, our Whole- Home DVR can store up to 125 hours of SD
content or 40 hours of HD content. Plus, you can record up to 3 programs at one time!

  • Pause, rewind, and slow-motion instant replay the action during live telecasts.
  • Watch one show while recording another.
  • Pause live TV to answer the phone or go to the door.
  • Save time by fast-forwarding through recorded programming that doesn’t
    interest you.

FusionTV’s Whole-Home DVR service lets you keep up with all of your summertime activities and still not miss your favorite shows. Our Whole–Home DVR will make the whole family happy. For the whole story on our Whole-Home DVR, call 245-4000.
Order Fusion TV Now!

ManageMyTVs App

tvforu1Use Alpine’s FusionTV mobile app to manage your FusionTV service from most Android and iOS/Apple Devices.

available-on-app-store-sm android_app_on_play_logo_small

DOWNLOAD ManageMyTVs App for FusionTV

  • View and Search TV program guide.
  • Filter channels on TV program guide by subscribed or favorites.
  • View list of recordings from all DVR enabled set-top boxes.
  • Manage all DVR recordings including scheduling a one-time or series, deleting existing, viewing currently recording, and organizing in folders.
  • Perform remote control functions including changing channels.
  • Alpine iPhone/iPad App User Guide
  • Alpine Android App User Guide

Music/Talk Radio Channels

Let your television be your stereo with dozens of digital music channels from Alpine. Everything from rock to country, jazz to classical, and much more!

899MC Play92870's
900Hit List929Solid Gold Oldies
901Pop Rhythmic930Pop Country
902Dance/EDM931Today's Country
903MCU932Country Hits
904Hip-Hop and R&B933Classic Country
905Rap934Contemporary Christian
906Hip-Hop Classics935Pop Latino
907Throwback Jamz936Musica Urbana
908R&B Classics937Mexicana
909R&B Soul938Tropicales
911Reggae940Sounds of the Seasons
912Rock941Stage & Screen
914Alternative943Smooth Jazz
915Adult Alternative944Jazz
916Rock Hits945Blues
917Classic Rock946Singers & Swing
918Soft Rock947Easy Listening
919Love Songs948Classical Masterpieces
920Pop Hits949Light Classical
921Party Favorites980CRN Talk Radio - Hot Talk Live
922Teen MC981CRN Talk Radio - Sports & Progressive Talk
923Kidz Only982CRN Talk Radio - Truth & Justice Radio
924Toddler Tunes983CRN Talk Radio - American Life Talk Radio
925Y2K984CRN Talk Radio - Freedom Radio
92690's985CRN Talk Radio - Radio Mujer
92780's986CRN Talk Radio - Lifestyles

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Local News and Weather Channels

Your community is tuned-in to Alpine FusionTV’s local weather and community channels for the inside story on what matters in Elkader and Guttenberg.  Just about everything we do revolves around the weather and community events. That’s why folks are tuned into Alpine’s Weather 100 and ACTV Channel 3.

Instant Access to Local Weather

Alpine’s Weather Channel 100 is exclusive to FusionTV and your best local weather information to help you plan your busy schedule and stay safe.

alpine weather

  • Precise hourly and 5-day forecasts, current conditions, radars, rain totals, and up-to-the-second sensor data focused specifically on our area.
  • No waiting for “weather on the 8s”, you get immediate access to current hyper-local weather conditions for northeast Iowa.
  • National and local temperatures, radars, weather advisories, wind chills, heat indexes,
  • Current conditions measured on the weather sensor mounted to the Alpine building in Elkader.
  • You get the most accurate weather predictions because a team of meteorologists created forecasting models based on Elkader’s latitude and longitude.
  • Listen to KCTN FM 100 live 24×7 on Alpine’s Weather 100 and ACTV Channel 3.

Get Alpine Weather 100 exclusively on FusionTV.  Learn more.

ACTV Channel 3 – FusionTV’s Community Channel

Individuals, organizations, businesses, civic groups, and government agencies can all benefit by advertising on ACTV Channel 3.  Utilize 15-second still graphic ads that rotate among other ads and community announcements.  Your ad has the potential to play over 100 times per day.

  • Reach thousands of potential customers for as little as $1.00 per day
  • Custom designed ads available
  • Cost effective
  • Great way to announce community events and information
  • Simple to place an ad
  • Listen to KCTN FM 100 live 24×7 on Alpine’s Weather 100 and ACTV Channel 3

Charges for the Community Channel are:

  • $7.00 per week
  • $25.00 per month
  • $5.00 set up for text only ads
  • Quotes for those that need additional design

Ads will run from Monday to Monday.


  • No political ads or messages
  • Alpine reserves the right to design slide for what looks best.

Contact Alpine for more information about promoting your business or event on FusionTV’s ACTV Channel 3. Click here to Contact Us.

Non-profit organizations and government agencies may be eligible to receive a FREE ad displayed for up to 2 weeks. Please contact us to see if your event qualifies.

Ads featured by Alpine:
Kids Kampus Grant ad
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