One company, one call, one efficient way to handle your business phone systems.

Alpine Communications is your convenient one-stop solution for all your business phone system needs. We’ll help you select from a wide variety of equipment options from NEC and Avaya for small and mid-size enterprises. We’ll install your new phone system quickly and whenever you have any phone-related problems and need repairs, just make one call to us. You’ll get fast, local service – without those pricey trip charges from faraway technicians. Below are a few examples of options available from Alpine Communications:

NEC DS1000/2000

NEC’s legendary reliability and quality standards are evident in the DS1000/2000. The compact DS1000 starts with 3 lines, 8 stations, and 4 analog ports. It expands to 6 lines, 16 stations, and 8 analog ports just by plugging in a single expansion board. The basic DS2000 system is available with 4 slots and 48 ports. It is easily expandable to 8 slots and 104 ports by upgrading to a 104 port cabinet. You can grow the system as you grow your business – while keeping your initial installation investment in common equipment intact. View product brochure.


The DSX offers you high performance, flexibility and the ability to custom design the system to your customer’s specific requirements. With growth up to 160 ports, the DSX product family is perfectly suited for small to medium sized businesses that require large business capabilities such as T1, PRI and IntraMail support, plus the DSX offers capabilities such as built-in Caller ID (CID) and a 2 port Auto Attendant built-in that are ideal for small offices as well! View product brochure.