Protecting your data is vital. FileHopper Plus from Alpine Communications makes it easy.

Since the advent of digital cameras, most of us rely on our computers to store our photos. Unfortunately, computers can crash, causing you to lose all of your memories and valuable information.

Your mobile device helps you stay connected wherever you go, but chances are you have important files on your home or work computer too.Drop a file into FileHopper and you’ll have access to it on your mobile device, your desktop and any web browser.

Protect your critical data and precious memories with FileHopper Plus.

  • FileHopper Plus 5GB – $2.95
  • FileHopper Plus 50GB – $7.95 or $5.95 with a Peak Savings Pack
  • FileHopper Plus 250GB – $17.95 or $15.95 with a Peak Savings Pack

Here’s what our customers are saying about FileHopper Plus:

“I depend heavily on my computer for basic processes for my teaching and writing, I can easily be called a technophobe.  James H. was very patient and courteous when explaining how that needed to happen.  This is obviously the first time I have needed tech help for this service.  After working with James, I am confident that any tech support I may need in the future will be a comfortable experience.  Thank you for such stress-free service.”

– Gloria M.

For Windows and Mac, FileHopper Plus features:


  • Access files saved in FileHopper anywhere: mobile device, computer or any web browser
  • Great for photos, videos, work documents and much more
  • Easily add files from home with the free FileHopper desktop client


  • Your files are always secure and completely backed up in the cloud, even if your device is damaged, lost or stolen
  • Works seamlessly with FileHopper desktop client to share files across all your devices
  • Multiple PC use. Install FileHopper Plus on any number of Windows and Mac computers, all with the same account.
  • 24/7 Support

If you are interested in FileHopper Plus, please visit the Contact US page or contact one of our Customer Services Representatives at 563.245.4000.