Fusion TV

Local Plus

Includes NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, WGN, The Weather Channel, Alpine’s local community and weather channels, and more than 37 other channels plus a bonus of 55 music channels.

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Essentials Pak (154 Channels)

Includes NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, WGN, Weather Channel, ESPN, Big Ten Network, Disney, USA and HGTV,and many more.

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Premier Pak (199 Channels)

Includes all Essential channels plus more than 40 others including Nick Jr., ESPN Classic, Biography, and DIY Do It Yourself Network

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NFL RedZone Season Subscription

NFL RedZone takes you from game to game every Sunday afternoon to see your favorite teams and the most exciting plays as they happen. See top performers and breakout stars and improve your fantasy roster.
NFL RedZone
*RedZone HD is available to Premier package subscribers only. Customers must subscribe to HD Access to receive RedZone HD.

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Whole-Home DVR

Whole Home DVR

Record your favorite programs and access them from any digital box in the home allowing for multiroom viewing and recording

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HD Equipment Fee

Access HD channels within the FusionTV package you subscribe to.

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Premium Channels

HD Plus

Availability with Premier Package, adds 8 exciting channels specially maximized in HD

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