Fellow Rural Telcom Provider Invests $35 Million in North Iowa Fiber Optic Network

From KMITV.com: MASON CITY, IA – Those in rural North Iowa are saying they’re excited for a new plan that will bring high speed internet to their area. The local company OmniTel Communications is spending $35 million to put in fiber optics in North Iowa.

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Tuesday, Jonathan Adelstein, the Administrator for the USDA Rural Utilities Service stopped in Rudd to recognize their efforts. Adelstein talked about the importance of getting internet to everyone across the U.S. and especially in rural areas. OmniTel officials are worried that the government’s push for everyone to have high speed internet could be expensive, especially after the FCC changes how funding is distributed.

But Farmer, and computer programmer, Michael Marth says it’s worth it. “It’s hard to spend all that money to put into rural Iowa. But if you don’t, then sooner or later the rural areas are going to be a second class citizen.” Adelstein tells us there will be changes to loans and funding for broadband infrastructure. But they are working with the FCC to make sure development continues and at a fair cost.

*Note: OmniTel Communications is a fellow member of the Iowa Telecommunications Association.  In 2009, Alpine Communications completed a $12 million FTTH network, the Fusion Network, in Elkader and Guttenberg.  OmniTel’s project to deploy broadband in rural Iowa is another example of the commitment and value independent rural telecommunications companies have to the customers and communities we serve.  Congratulations to Omnitel Communications and its customers on the construction of their new FTTH network!