Apply for the ICA Scholarship

Scholarship Application Guidelines

The Iowa Communications Alliance is pleased to announce the availability of one or more $2,500 college scholarships to high school seniors or students currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning. The purpose of this support is to aid students from rural areas across Iowa with financial assistance to pursue higher education.


Applicants must:

  • Be a graduating high school senior or current student enrolled in an institution of higher learning
  • Be accepted/or be enrolled by an accredited two or four-year college/university or vocational school;
  • Receive any local telecommunication service from an Iowa Communications Alliance member and be from a rural area.
  • Have a least a C grade point average;
  •  Express an interest to live and work in a rural community following graduation; and
  • Be sponsored by your local telecommunications service provider (Alpine Communications is a memeber of the Iowa Communications Alliance)


  • The application must be completed online.
  • Complete the scholarship application. If any information is incomplete, the application will not be considered.
  • Prepare a 300-word essay on one of the following topics:
    • Describe your most significant accomplishment and explain why you believe it exemplifies you as an individual.
    • What industry or opportunity would entice you to return to a rural community after completing your education, and why?
    • Describe the community in which you live and indicate how it has influenced the person you are
  • Include your most recent grade transcript with social security number blackened out, except the last 4 (all semesters must be represented).
  • Do not include any photographs with your application.
  • All signatures must be provided where indicated on the application
  • All materials, along with recommendation letters, must be submitted with this application
  • Applications due no later than March 27, 2017


  • All applications will be reviewed and the winners selected by a Selection Committee appointed by the Iowa Communications Alliance Board of Directors.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on a one-time basis, with recipients of the scholarship ineligible for future awards. Awards will be paid once an official transcript at the completion of the first semester is submitted to the Iowa Communications Alliance. Funds will be sent directly to the school in the student’s name.
  • Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender or disability.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Refer to the checklist on the application form to ensure that all components of the application have been fulfilled.
  • The winner will forfeit the scholarship if the mandatory transcript is not received by the Iowa Communications Alliance within 60 days of completing the first semester of school.
  • The winners will be selected May 5.