Author: Sara Hertrampt

Digital Channel Change and DVR Series Updates

As you may know, effective May 1, 2019, your FusionTV digital local channels will be moving to a new channel numbering system to allow for growth of new networks.  This channel change also affects DVR series recordings that DVR subscribers have programmed in the future.  Once the current digital local channels have been moved, DVR […]

Media Powerhouses

Eight media giants control most of the shows and movies you watch, as well as many of those you don’t. To continue increasing their revenue, they require us, your local TV company, to carry their less-popular networks as a condition of providing the most popular ones. In addition, they use their size and power to […]

Strategic Marketing Presented by Alpine and ICAN

Successful marketing campaigns depend on reaching the right audience with the right message using the appropriate tactic in a timely fashion.  Elevate your marketing strategy with affordable TV advertising and digital tactics reaching customers in the Alpine Communications service area, throughout Iowa, and beyond. ICAN, Inc., an Iowa company, works with independent telephone companies and […]

Four Area Non-Profits Receive Aureon Grants

Alpine Communications in conjunction with Aureon is pleased to announce that an Aureon Charity Grant has been awarded to area non-profit organizations in Northeast Iowa. The grants were presented in conjunction with Alpine Communications who sponsored the grant applications. Upon reviewing an abundance of applications, the Aureon Charity Grant Committee delegated funds to projects committed to […]

Alpine Communications Recognize Marvel-ous Employees

Who is your favorite superhero? Is it Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, or Captain America?  At Alpine Communications, our favorite superheroes are each other. Once a month, we celebrate our everyday marvels who work to exceed the standards that we live by to ensure the communities we serve are connected and thriving. Rather than recognizing a […]