Clayton County Development Group Receives Ripple Effect Grant

PHoto for ripple effect award

Pictured are CCCDG Board Members Bob Hauber, Tom Blake, Lanny Kuehl, and John Finley; Chris Hopp, Alpine Communications; Sue Cosner, Community Initiatives, IADG; and Hollee McCormick.

West Des Moines, Iowa, November 9, 2015 – Iowa Network Services (INS), located in West Des Moines, Iowa, announced the award of a $2,500 Ripple Effect grant to the Clayton County Development Group (CCDG)  in Elkader, Iowa. The INS grant was matched with another $2,500 by Alpine Communications, the city’s full-service telecommunication provider. The grant will help fund the development group’s efforts in completing a county-wide housing needs assessment. This study will provide data on the inventory and condition of existing housing in cities throughout the county, and determine the need for new housing construction including owner-occupied and rental projects. Additionally, the study will aid CCDG’s efforts in pursuing funding opportunities for housing projects.

“INS supports Clayton County Development’s leadership in conducting the housing needs study of the cities in the county, we are proud to help fund this effort and pleased we can partner with Alpine Communications,” states Mike Eggley, Chief Operating Officer of INS.

According to Alpine’s General Manager, Chris Hopp, “Our Company’s grant will help CCDG determine the housing needs of the industries in our service territory in the county. The study will help to identify the types of housing required by the employees working within the county. We are proud to be part of this effort.”

About Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect program, a partnership alliance between INS and Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) is designed to advance the business and community development vitality of rural Iowa by joining local Independent Telecommunications Companies and partnering municipalities in their economic development initiatives. The program provides financial and technical assistance to business and industry and communities, through local telecommunication providers, to stimulate growth and development in rural Iowa. The program makes available low-interest loans to business applicants and planning grants to communities and their economic development partners for various types of community development projects. The Independent Telecommunications Companies are required to match the local financial assistance provided by Ripple Effect.

Other Ripple Effect services include financial packaging for development projects; research and education; awareness and training; business marketing and outreach; and development project facilitation including direct financial assistance through loans and grants from INS. For decades INS, through Iowa’s Independent Telecommunications Companies and IADG, on behalf of the Rural Electric Cooperatives, have provided leadership, vision and commitment to rural communities. For more information about this grant or the Ripple Effect program, contact Susan Cosner, Vice President, Community Initiatives, IADG;, 515-777-7308; and

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