Digital Channel Change and DVR Series Updates

As you may know, effective May 1, 2019, your FusionTV digital local channels will be moving to a new channel numbering system to allow for growth of new networks.  This channel change also affects DVR series recordings that DVR subscribers have programmed in the future.  Once the current digital local channels have been moved, DVR subscribers will need to set-up new series recordings on the new channel numbers.

Alpine Communications will simulcast, meaning keeping the digital local channels on both the current and new numbering system, for one week to allow DVR subscribers to setup their new series recordings.  Effective May 9, 2019, the current channel numbers will be deleted for the digital locals, DVR series setup on those channels will cease recording, and subscribers will need to tune to the new channel numbers to view the digital locals.

For example, if subscribers currently have a series recording for “Gunsmoke” on Channel 19, effective May 1st, subscribers will need to setup the series recording for “Gunsmoke” on channel 1013 otherwise your show will stop recording after May 9, 2019.

Previous Channel NumberNew Channel Number Effective May 1, 2019Network Name
131002KGAN 2.2 – getTV
141003KGAN 2.3 – Comet TV
191013KWWL 7.3 – MeTV
 1014KWWL 7.4 CourtTV – Coming Soon
201022KCRG 9.2 – MyNetworkTV
211023KCRG 9.3 – Antenna TV
281024KCRG 9.4 – Heroes & Icons
291025KCRG 9.5 – Start TV
221032KFXA 28.2 – Charge TV
231033KFXA 28.3 – TBD TV
271034KFXA 28.4 – Stadium
151042KPXR 48.2 – Qubo
161043KPXR 48.3 – Ion Life
241052KRIN 32.2 – IPTV Kids
251053KRIN 32.3 – IPTV World
261054KRIN 32.4 – IPTV Create
420*1422KCRG 9.2 – MyNetworkTV HD
424*1452KRIN 32.2 – IPTV Kids HD

If you need assistance with setting up your new series recordings, please call Customer Service at 563-245-4000 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, and we can help you with setting up new DVR recordings via Alpine’s virtual remote control.

Finally, on May 10, 2019 you will have access to Restart TV, an innovative feature that allows you to restart TV programs in progress.