Elkader High Street Construction May Affect Your Access to Alpine Communications

Please note the letter we received from the City of Elkader regarding work on High Street in Elkader.  Customers will still have access to Alpine Communications’ Business Office at 923 Humphrey Street, however,  the normal route to our office may be detoured.  Please follow construction signs or call us at (563) 245-4000 if you have difficulty accessing our office.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

July 15, 2014

Tschiggfrie Excavating is planning to begin work on High Street NE on July 28 , 2014.
Although this is not directly in front of your business or access to your home, I did want to make you aware of the changes to traffic patterns. We will have signs at the (westbound) Hwy 13 intersection, (eastbound) near Dollar General and (southbound) before Miller Street to help direct traffic. The project will completely reconstruct High Street NE from Gunder Road east to the power sub-station. The first thing they will do is the Gunder Road intersection. My understanding is they plan to construct this lane by lane so it should not be a complete closure of the intersection. Then they plan to do the construction in three phases.

Phase I will be from the intersection of Gunder Road to between the driveways of CJ Lanes and Norby’s. This phase will probably take 4-6 weeks. Traffic will be routed through the Industrial Park. As an example, to get from downtown Elkader via High Street to Johnson’s Restaurant, a customer will take the detour north on Gunder Road, through the Industrial Park and then west on High Street NE back to Johnson’s. They plan to provide a direct path to the laundromat.

Phase II will be from the end of Phase I to the west edge of Johnson Street. Most
businesses can be accessed either from the new street in Phase I or can detour through the Industrial Park and east on High Street to Hwy 13. A customer can access Auto Collision Specialists through the parking lot of Johnson’s Restaurant.

Phase III will be from the west edge of Johnson Street to the end of the project (which is near the power sub-station .) Traffic coming in from Hwy 13 will need to continue on Hwy 13 to the Bridge Street or the High Street SE entrance and take High Street to Gunder Road.

We appreciate your patience during this project. If you have any questions or comments,
please feel free to contact me. I can be reached by phone at (563) 245-2098 or email at

Jennifer K. Cowsert
City Administrator/Clerk