Presenting Google Apps from Alpine Communications

Alpine Communications recently upgraded our customers’ email service with Google Apps™ suite of communication and collaboration tools.  Email storage capacity was increased to 10GB and your document/website combined storage capacity is 5GB.

You can access Google Apps services by visiting (or logging in from the Fast Links section on  Provide your login username and password, and select Google Apps to start enjoying Google Apps.

Please ensure that you update the mail settings in all of your devices before September 25th 2012, as the older settings will not work after that date.  Alternatively, you can avoid receiving this error by accessing your mail through the web going forward, by logging in through

If you require assistance with updating your email program, our Internet Technical Support team is available to assist you 24 hours a day by dialing 1-888-264-2908.

If you are comfortable with updating your Account settings in your email program you can review online instructions by, clicking here for POP account settings or clicking here for IMAP account settings. (IMPORTANT: Be sure to use your email address whenever instructed to enter your email address.)

Some smart phone clients may continue to work with Google Apps and some may not, depending upon how these phones are set up to access email.  The temporary proxy service cannot resolve this, so users having trouble accessing your email on smart phones should browse to: for directions about adjusting settings or downloading an application to your smart phone to access Google Mail.