Leap Day Prize Winners

Thanks to all the customers who visited with us at our Leap Day Celebration on February 29th. The door prize winners were:

Pictured is John Elvers and Tammy Sylvester, Alpine customer service rep.

Jon Elvers – Garmin GPS
Edith Seitz – Hallmark Gift Pack
Gloria Elvers – Pr

oject Runway Bag
Jeanne Beatty – HBO Blanket
Robin Ohrt – NFL Duffle Bag Gift Pack
Nancy Schroeder – HBO True Blood Hat and T-shirt
Floyd Possehl – Sportsmans Network Polo Shirt and Visor
Glen Mueller – Weather Channel Survival Kit
Alice Reimer – Weather Channel Survival Kit
Ken Reimer – NFL Duffle Bag Gift Pack
Shirley Vandereide –

Hallmark Gift Pack
Jean Marie Hall – Pro

ject Runway Bag
Jeanne Fuelling Brown – Weather Channel Survival Kit
Gerald Kramer – IFC Back Pack
Lou Ann Helle – HBO True Blood Hat and T-shirt
Bob Klaes – Starz Toy Story 3 T-shirt and Movie
Maxine Klaes – Gourmet Popcorn Gift
Rosalie Kickbush – History Channel Backpack
Pat de Neui – Starz Water Bottle and CNN Flash Drive
Becky Kainz – Project Runway Bag