Middle Eastern Teaching Workshop to be Held at Alpine

On June 29-30 the Middle East Policy Council (MEPC) Teach Mideast will host a 2-day Teacher Workshop in Elkader at the Alpine Communications office, funded in-part by Humanities Iowa. The MEPC Teach Mideast Program in Washington DC is part of The Abd el-Kader Education Project in Elkader. This workshop is for teachers but others are welcome to attend.

Barbara Petzen, Education Director for the Middle East Policy Council Teach Mideast Program in Washington DC, has presented workshops across the country. The MEPC is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that has been working to educate policymakers and the public about American interests in the Middle East since 1981.

For Teachers…Do you teach about the Middle East and Islam, and want better resources to explore these complex subjects with your students? Do you sometimes feel there’s more to the story you should know, but aren’t sure where to find dependable information? Would you like to feel more confident answering your students’ questions about the region and its people?

For Non-Teachers…..These workshops were designed for teachers. However, the information presented about the stereotypes and complex realities of the region; current events and their deeper context in demography, economics, new media and youth culture; the interplay between religion and politics; the roles and aspirations of women in the Middle East and Muslim societies and more, will be valuable to citizens from many fields including media, clergy, librarians, parents, students (high school & college), etc. and anyone desiring to learn more about global civic and cultural awareness.

Questions? Email Kathygarms@yahoo.com