Online Backup to become FileHopper Plus!

On July 27, Online Backup will became FileHopper Plus!  In most cases the update will be applied automatically or you can manually choose to receive the update instantly by clicking on the Update button in the preferences menu of the console.  Once the update is applied and you open FileHopper, you’ll see a few changes that we know you’ll love!

What will change? You’ll see the new name, logo and console reflecting the name FileHopper Plus.  You will also notice that your “iFolder” on your desktop is now your “FileHopper.”

What won’t change? Everything else!  Your files are still safe and secure and your backup and file sharing features continue to work – same as always.

You’ll still use the FileHopper folder to share files and photos across any installed desktop machine.  But now you can extend the power of your iFolder/FileHopper to your Android mobile phone or tablet!  To access your files on-the-go, download FileHopper from the Google Play Store for as little as $.99/year.  (Coming soon on your Apple iOS devices, too!).

We know you count on Online Backup to keep your most critical information safe and accessible.  Enjoy FileHopper Plus and, of course, the Always On technical support center is ready to help.  Just call (877) 373-3320 if you need a hand or have any questions about the transition.