Alpine Partners with Telecommunications Access Iowa

Alpine Communications Partner with Telecommunications Access Iowa

Telecommunications Access Iowa (TAI) is a program of the Iowa Utilities Board and is administered by Deaf Services Unlimited, Inc. This program was established as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act to work in conjunction with Relay Iowa, a telephone relay service to provide for communication access over the telephone.

TAI can provide a voucher for a single telephone product or a package which would include a headset or neckloop and/or a ringer that either flashes a light or produces a louder sound when the phone is ringing.

Alpine Communications is a dealer that accepts vouchers and will assist you in selecting equipment that meets your needs.

TAI assists you in getting telephone equipment that can allow you to speak directly over the telephone or use your equipment in conjunction with the Relay Iowa service. Relay Iowa provides full telephone access by confidentially relaying information through Communication Assistants (CAs) by either verbally speaking a typed conversation to a hearing party or by typing a spoken message electronically over a TTY, Voice Carry Over Telephone or a Captioned Telephone. To learn more about Relay Iowa, click here or call Alpine Communications at (563) 245-4000.