Will the FCC Stay Committed To Rural America?

Former North Dakota Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan had an opinion piece published in the influential Washington DC publication “The Hill’s Congress Blog.” In his editorial “Will the FCC Stay Committed to Rural America?” Dorgan says there is plenty of reason to worry that actions taken by the FCC could have a devastating effect on the ability of smaller and rural telephone companies like Alpine Communications to continue to provide the most advanced telecommunication services to their customers.  Dorgan encouraged the FCC to commit to the principles of universal service—comparable service at an affordable price for all Americans—and make sure that changes are made to strengthen, not weaken, the system that has helped connect rural America for decades.  Click here to read the editorial.

Chris Hopp, General Manager

The decisions being made at the FCC this year will have a profound impact on the future access to broadband and telecommunications services for Clayton and Fayette County residents.  Alpine Communications along with more than 100 other Iowa independent telephone companies and hundreds of other independents throughout the USA are working together to educate consumers about these proposed changes.

I encourage you to read this editorial so you are aware that FCC’s proposed reforms on USF could leave rural Iowa without equitable telecommunications services in the future.

If you would like more information about our efforts in Iowa, visit http://thegreatdisconnect.org/ or please call me at (563) 245-4000.  I would be happy to provide you with more insight on the local impacts of the FCC’s decisions.